Eisav: Face Value (Ep. 188)

The story of Eisav teaches us to look beyond externalities.

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❓ Questions of the Week

  1. "In the Rav’s Yom Kippur story with R’ Levi Yitzchak, you mentioned how Yossele asked for a Machzor instead of Mashiach. Why was that held against him? How are we supposed to know when there is an Eis Ratzon for something?" (Via anonymous)

  2. "Given the recent elections in Israel and the USA, I was wondering the following: Why does the Torah require us to have a king? History has shown all the problems that a total monarchy has. Even the Jewish kings in Tanach routinely had problems with corruption and abuse of power (for example, King Achav killing the innocent Navos and hunting down the Neviim, Queen Atalya killing almost all the dependents of David, Menashe forcing everyone to worship the Baal, other kings who killed the Sanhedrin, etc.)Is democracy really worse than having a complete tyrant on the throne? Why does the Torah require a king when the position is (and indeed was) so easily corruptible?” (Via anonymous)

  3. "It’s said that words have power, so we must be careful what we say. On the pre-YK podcast you said, to make a point, ""I cut off my leg with a power saw."" Why is it OK to make this and other bold statements, that others would not?" (Via Shoshana Schwartz)

  4. "Suppose you have a friend that wants to arrange a Shidduch between your child and his, and you know it's a bad idea. Is there a way to politely turn down the Shidduch and still remain friends? Thank you" (Via anonymous)

  5. "Can you speak about being "frummer than Hashem" - doing Chumras that in essence don't help you grow in your Ruchniyus?" (Via anonymous)

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[00:00] Intro

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[3:32] Topic: Eisav: Face Value

[35:35] Q&A: Yossele and the Machzor

[37:53] Q&A: Jewish Kings vs democracy?

[47:40] Q&A: Making bold statements?

[52:00] Q&A: Politely declining a shidduch?

[53:57] Q&A: Extra Chumras?

[55:59] Outro

[56:31] Theme song


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