Three years ago today I had a bypass operation. This was after I had a heart attack and an angiogram. The doctor who did the angiogram looked at me afterwards and said “How are you still alive? You aren’t getting enough blood to you heart to keep you alive. Someone up there must like you”.

So the next day, the 7th of Shevat I had a bypass operation. We hired the head of cardiac surgery in Shaarei Zedek Dr. Biton. He told my wife afterwards that my artery had been absorbed into my heart. He couldn’t even find it to bypass.

 Dr. Biton said because he had so much experience he knew where the artery should be and was able to extract it in order to complete the operation. Nut he felt if it was another doctor I would be dead.

After my operation I met hundreds of people who said they were davening for me to recover. I told them it worked because I’m still alive.

So, I wish I could get together with all of you personally to thank you, but if you have a minute today, drink a l’chaim to celebrate the miracle G-d did for me.

And may we all know only simchas.