My Recent Trip to the US

Hi Everyone!

I just got back from the US. I started in South Florida as a guest of Ahavas Torah in Miami Beach. They sponsored a talk Thursday night before Shavuos in Hollywood, Florida (my first time there). Friday night the shul sponsored a (sold out) Shabbos dinner in the restaurant in Tower 41 (if you have never heard of it then you have never been to Miami Beach). The evening was terrific!

The next day after davening there was what they call in Miami a Kiddush, what we call in Yerushalayim a deluxe wedding! I spoke about the power of Torah in preparation for Shavuos.

Monday night I was in Ohr Naava in Brooklyn. A special shout out to my former student Mrs. Daphna Hanson for arranging it.

Shavuos I was in the beautiful Stamford Plaza Hotel with Gateways. The most disappointing aspect was the food. There was so much of it, I was nauseous most of Yom Tov! I remember the milchig breakfast Kiddush was followed almost seamlessly by the fleishig Kiddush.

The experience was truly humbling because the shiurim were given by Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rabbi Mordechai Becher, Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, Rabbi and Mrs. Greenblatt and many others. I was bringing up the rear. A big yasher koach goes to Rabbi Suchard and his team for an amazing Yom Tov program that I was honored to be a part of.

The next Shabbos I was hosted by my brother Gedalia in Monsey and spoke Shabbos afternoon in Ohr Chaim in Forshay. I hadn’t been to the shul in years and was stunned to see what an enormous complex they had built. It was great to touch base with my old friend Rabbi Lankry and to have the opportunity to acknowledge at least in a small way the work of Reb Leizer Scheiner, the brains and heart behind the ever-growing shul and community center. Boruch Hashem the crowd was out the door (literally) and I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was deeply moved by my words.