63: I Used To Wear Pink Shirts

It's far too easy to judge people by the way they do - or don't - dress.

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More pictures of the dress code of pre-war European Yeshivas:

• US Holocaust Museum Website http://bit.ly/34oe8sr

• Mir Yeshiva Photos by U. Oregon  http://bit.ly/2WzKPR9

Rabbi Orlofsky's Onion Soup

It's Easy, Stupid!™ 

[Starts at 4:47]

• Slice 3 large onions into rings. Fry in oil until they darken

• Sprinkle a little flour unto the onions. Mix until it forms a thick place

• Add 2 liters (8 cups) water, bring to a boil

• Add 3-4 chopped red onions

• Add another 2 liters water, bring to a boil

• Swirl in some dry white wine 

• Add salt, pepper, curry to taste

• Add another 2 liters water. Boil until soup thickens

• Garnish with shredded cheese and croutons 


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